The Robbinsdale Ambassador program focuses on volunteerism in the local community as well as around the state of Minnesota;

the opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that our ambassadors partake in help build caring, positive role models with successful futures.


Fill out the application below that you would like to be a candidate for. You can complete the application online or send it through the mail.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us:

Applicant Must reside in, attend, or have graduated from the Independent School District #281


Applicant/Parent/Guardian has or is currently working/volunteering for a business in the Independent School District #281 area for 1 year prior to applying.

There are three different age groups that both males and females can apply for (as of July 1, 2021):

  • Seniors (ages 15-22)

  • Middles (ages 10-14)

  • Juniors (ages 5-9)​

Previous Ambassadors for the City of Robbinsdale can not hold the same title twice. They can, however, run again for a different title after 2 years away from the program. Previous Ambassadors of other cities must wait 3 years before they may run for a title in this program.

Candidates do need a sponsor. Sponsorship information will be distributed to Candidates after the application deadline June 1, 2021. Sponsors are provided for Candidates although they are donating the money to sponsor. Candidates will visit the Business/Organization and get to know the employees and members that embody the sponsor.

There is some cost commitment to being selected although the program covers quite a bit. One Whiz Bang Days T-shirt, one formal outfit, one summer outfit, crown or cap, sash, name tag, and Ambassador polo are provided by the program. Individuals will be in charge of purchasing their own extra accessories (such as matching jewelry, etc.) summer sandals, shoes, and themed-float decorations. The coordinators select clothing and are very cost-conscious.

The ambassadors are pretty busy throughout the year although there is a large event gap in the winter season. We do want Ambassadors to partake and enjoy activities and we understand that academics are very important. However, we do want the Ambassador Program to be a priority as well. Most of the events are in the evening and on weekends although there are some exceptions with volunteer events. The summer is most busy as that is when many city festivals are hosted. Parents are equally as important as the Ambassadors because they are needed to chaperone. Time commitment is equally distributed among parents; Senior Ambassadors are often busier than the younger-aged Ambassadors. 

The candidacy program is a fun and unique experience! If a candidate is to be selected, their reign as an Ambassador will be an extraordinary and memorable time!