The Robbinsdale Whiz Bang Days Committee is the crew that should be contacted with any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments in regards to Whiz Bang Day events. Committee meetings are usually held every third Monday of the month at 6 pm currently via Zoom and are open to anyone who wants to attend. If interested, please email robbinsdalewhizbangdays@gmail.com for meeting information or invite.

President - Amanda Roberg

Vice President- Chelsea Sobraske
Treasurer - Gina Holtz
Secretary - Pam Scheiller

Director- Mark Morris

Ambassador Program - Pam Scheiller, Gina Holtz, and Becky Scheiller
Baseball Tournament - Robbinsdale City Liaison
Bocce Ball Tournament - Tina Suglia
Block Party - Amanda Roberg, Ashley Banks, and George Selman

Car Show- Jimmy Dolence
Ice Cream Social - Mark Morris and Susan Nelson
Merchandise - Pam Scheiller, Gina Holtz, Tina Suglia, Becky Scheiller, and Chelsea Sobraske
Parade - Nick Scheiller

Social Media - Chelsea Sobraske
Sidewalk Sale - Dr. Lindsay Daniels
Talent Show - Candy Norton and Ashley Banks
Website: Lars Larson and Chelsea Sobraske
Whiz Bang Woody Softball Tournament - Ashley Banks, Lars Larson

Contact Us:

Robbinsdale Whiz Bang Days
PO Box 22385
Robbinsdale, Minnesota 55422
Phone: 763-531-1212

Email: robbinsdalewhizbangdays@gmail.com